We pride ourselves on our flat rate pricing, (which is industry standard), not only to make you feel good as you walk away with your load, but also to help ensure you get your expensive job booked as soon as possible.

South Florida movers are known for quickly picking up your load and moving your belongings to your new home quickly and without a hassle. Whether you need moving services for an emergency or simply need to move your home to a new location, South Florida movers are the right choice. Many of our competitors in the past have been more expensive, less professional and less dependable. This is why we named Gentle Giant, our move company, to be the best in Fort Lauderdale and the South.

Our friendly team handles all facets of the move that is from packing to unpacking to driving to the truck rental, we want you to have the best experience possible. Because many moving companies are forced to become industry leaders in order to compete, we have been able to gain valuable qualities in service, maturity and willingness to work with customers.

Every customer that we service begins the process of discovering the right kind of move for them. This enables us to match our customer’s needs and expectations with the very best movers in the industry. We are very selective in terms of the departments we service. For example, were a customer to contact us regarding a move to Chicago, we do not want to service the customer with the local movers or an out of town move. We want to service the customer with the best movers who recognize that the client’s department needs to be focused on the move process instead of the other way around.

customer service is really important to us and we take great care in learning what our customers’ wants and need. When a customer calls us, we respond and always do what our customers ask. We take the time to understand the customer’s needs so that we can match them perfectly. It is very important for a transportation company to have a customer service rep that walks our customers and assesses the problem. To contact a rep is to contact a bank, post office, or anywhere else.

Because we service so many customers in so many different cities in so many different states, we have not experienced the problem of having a pick-up and drop-off location that does not supply the service the most vital for a successful move. This is an important attribute that will enable you to enjoy your vacation, instead of constantly being in the same old city cycle.

The above is just a list of the reasons you should contact a Fort Lauderdale moving company the moment you know that you will be moving to Florida. We invite you to use our contact us page to simplify your decision making process. We also offer a helpful article regarding foreshores moving to Florida.

This article is from the Florida Inside Out publish by Florida Living Magazine. Florida Living is the second largest bi-monthly magazine in South Florida and Fort Lauderdale is one of the fifteen best Florida moving companies in the United States. A Florida living specialist handling such a large volume of client request can be an expert destination move foreshore. Check outhttp://www.FortLauderdalehaus.com.