NYC Movers have limited time at their disposal to perfectly deal with the packing process, and this may result in anxiety about being unprepared for the move. Televisions offer us many entertainments; therefore, it is very important to maintain their good state by taking time to pack and move without damaging them. In this article, we have discussed some of the tips you should consider when moving, including;

  • Unplug all cords

    : Removing the cords and external accessories from the tv is the number one thing to do. To simplify the whole process, always have one box for the cords and remotes. You can always take a snap of the back of the TV to remember where the cords go and later on pack all of them together with accessories in a single box. Name your boxes and have many photos of the content of your TV accessories box. This will clear your doubts about not packing any TV accessory for you will go back to your photos to check out.

  • Wrap the TV in a blanket or any other barrier:

    this will help protect the TV from scratches resulting from packing materials or the movers. You can protect it from scratches by either wrapping a blanket around the screen and secure the blanket with a small rope, using the plastic protective sleeve bought with the TV, or purchasing some plastics wrap meant for moving or tape on a piece of paper painters tape.

  • Always use the original packaging:

    this will make you avoid all the troubles of trying to find an odd-shaped box that your TV will fit in during the move. You are always recommended to save the TV packaging to use during moving or even when reselling the item. Packages for TV usually have cardboard dividers and corners, which will ensure the TV’s safety during moving. If you do not have the original packaging, you can opt to use any sized moving box that offers at least two or three inches extra space on both sides when the television is placed inside. You can also acquire TV kits from some moving or storage companies, including wide, slim depth boxes that are good for much flat-screen television.

  • Secure the TV in a moving truck:

    after padding and putting the TV in a box, place it on the moving truck or car in an upright position. Put them between other items for it not to be moved around when the truck is in motion. Moving the television from the ground minimizes the chances of other heavy items falling on top of it. Always store the television screen facing away from the wall.

  • Unpack the television with care:

    immediately the TV reaches its new destination, you have to think about a few things. If the movers offload the TV, ensure they put it in an upright position and carefully remove it from the box as soon as possible. The screen should be lifted out of the box with two people, and the box should not be placed flat on the ground as you try to slide it out.